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All About the APA

The Apple Processors Association (APA) was founded on July 20, 1987, and is a national association of companies that manufacture quality apple products from whole apples. Members are apple grower/processor cooperatives and companies, and suppliers to the industry. They each grow a portion of the apples they process in local orchards. APA members produce a majority of the nation’s applesauce, apple juice, and specialty products.

All members of APA stress quality and safety in their food processing operations. They pasteurize their juice products, and hotfill their food containers, reinforcing their commitment to quality and safety during their food processing operations.

APA has its headquarters in the heart of the Nation’s Capital, providing a highly visible and effective voice for the apple products industry. Its experienced staff works daily with Congress, federal regulatory agencies — such as FDA, EPA, and USDA — and major allied food and industry organizations.



  • Andrea Ball. President

  • Maggie Gentile (Food Directions), Food & Nutrition Policy Director

  • Jacquie Ball, Vice-President of Administration

  • Heidi Potucek, Finance Director

  • Jill Snyder, Media Relations Director

  • Paul Weller, President Emeritus

The APA is powered by PlanIt World Management.

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